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Monday, 6 January 2014


Have you ever try so hard to learn and adapt your verbal skills with unique and sexy accent like british, scottish, france or even african just to look hot and some girls called it sexy? Well let just face it, the only easy way to adapt any accent are only whether if you are born as scottish,brits or etc, or maybe with 10 years experience living in that country. Well, don't be disappointed, now there is an easy way to ease your struggle.

Canadian mother wakes up from horse riding accident with Scottish accent

Sharon Campbell-Rayment, a 50 year old mother from Ontrario, Canada, have never visited Scotland but have a great Scots drawl and dialect. This appear after she had suffered a head injury after falling off a horse and the magic appears as she woke up. Even so, it is found that Sharon have a Scottish roots and this miracle are considered as a sign for her to dig more regarding her ancestors. This is not the first cases ever appeared as there are 60 well known cases of foreign accent syndrome with the most fascinating is how Sarah Colwill adapted a Chinese accent after suffer a bad migraine. Well of course she doesn't proud of it because people keep making fun of her. 

So, guys, if you are a forever alone guy with no self esteem about yourself, try to knock head first when riding a horse. Who knows maybe you can have the talent to simultaneously change your accent like Sharon and Sarah. 

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