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Wednesday, 1 January 2014


New resolutions are common for everyone when it is the time of the new year. Everybody would create their own missions which are actually just the same with their last year resolutions. Among the common new year resolutions are :

  1. To lose weight
  2. To achieve more in work
  3. To have a better education
  4. To quit smoking
  5. To be a better person

 Well, look at it, we can tell that most of the people are planning their new year resolutions just for the sakes of the culture and rituals. By that it means to have an answer when being questioned about their resolutions. And of course, most of the resolutions will only remain as a resolutions. They does not have a strategy and a proper planning to execute their resolutions to become reality. A new year resolutions should be precise and well planned with expected target to ensure it become reality. Well take a look at almost the same resolutions below but with more structured and specified targets.

  1. Do cardio workout at least 3 days a week with HIIT and able to lose 20 pounds of my weight in June and another 20 pounds in December
  2. To complete more than 3 projects per month engaged in meeting and able to supply about at least 3 bright idea during the meeting
  3. To enroll in University of (specified the name of university of your choice) in course of my desire and ensure CGPA of 3.00 and above
  4. Starts to quit smoking by buying only 7 pack of cigarette per week, and then 7 pack per 2 week and 7 pack per months. In December, I must able to reduce my cigarette intake to only 1 per months.
  5. I want to be a better person by engaging more in community services and my target is to serve for 10 events involving the unfortunate in 2014. I also will raise my donations to about RM 1000 per 6 months
All of the above are just the same resolutions as the first one, but it is sort of well planed and have target to be met. Thus, by that, you will work hard to achieve your target so your new year resolutions will be accomplished.

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