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Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Experience will always taught you to do the right things and avoid from be involve in something that will make you regret. It involves to stop messing around with trained boxer, wrestler. 'some' of the action flicks actor and MMA fighter. Do you really want to know why?

joe torrez

This dude is Joseph Torrez, a New Mexico Lightweight MMA fighter with terrible reputation in the octagon (his professional record is 1-5-0) but are fierce when it comes to protecting his family (fiancee and his toddler). He killed an intruders who broke into his home, causes severe facial injuries to one of them while pummeling the other two. In the cases which is understood to surface due to ongoing feud, starts when one of the thugs, Garces threatened him by a phone call with a clear message to kill him and his family before force his way with three other - Raymond, Avalos, and Cavillo to Joseph mobile home. Well its clearly a turn around as Garces was the one who stabbed to death in insuing melee. The other injured man, Avalos was taken to the area hospital while the other two fleed from the scene before being arrested for conspiracy and property damage. The thugs are identified as gang members with some drug histories

Even so, Joseph Torrez were also charged with the death of Garces even though he clearly fighting for his life and his family. What a weird world we live in right? Who cares for a thug rights? If Garces were not dead most probably we would never know about this story of Joseph right? Up until now, Joseph Torrez stops to give his cooperation to the authorities with this injustice. Well, whatever it is, this is not the first time MMA fighter proves that they are not to be play off with the story of Bellator vet, Ururahi Rodrigues who captures an alleged killers in Georgia.

For Joseph, whole world are behind you in this.


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