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Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Admit it, the older the earth, the technology becoming more advance and the people, well the people becoming more nuts!! Mostly because of the environment nowadays where you can't get rich without work for it and everything seems to be out of your league. People starts to become paranoid and believing in something that not even exist. There's one story reported clearly resemble the madness. Before that, meet Mr Dillingham.

Man gets one year in jail for blowing up 'devil' dog

Who is this guy? Well he is what we call as a total madness. Mad Dilingham, Crazy D, psycho D, call him whatever it is that you want. Born 45 years ago with name Christopher Wayne Dillingham and live in Washington, nobody would expect Mad D would end up as a criminal. He blow up a family dog, named Cabella who was a gift from his ex-girlfriend by detonated explosives attached to the dog's collar.

(Picture: KATU News)

Well, the only reasons which can justify his action is only with the facts that Cabella was given by his 'ex-girlfriend'. He must hate that girl so much until he accused that the dog have been possess with the devil from his ex-girlfriend and the only solution is to 'Rapture'. An act of removing believers to heaven based of biblical prophecy. The murder was conducted on August 5 and only in the last Friday he was sentenced with 12 months in prison. Well, he must be having a really hard time right with his ex-girlfriend up until it happens. It is also known that Dilingham have thrown out number of household item to his lawn including his sofa as he quoted to be preparing for end of the world and a nuclear strike.

A little advice...

People are becoming nuts, and psycho. Luckily he doesnt do anything worse than that.  

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