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Thursday, 26 December 2013


In this modern society, ambitions and money became a priority until people forgetting to appreciate. They would always wanted to have something more even after they have receive the rewards for their hard works before. They are forgetting about some important things that build their personality and character and becoming a victims towards the society. This is the 5 things that are precious but commonly forgotten:

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Riots and demonstrations are common when government and authorities failed to provide justices. It may due because of the corruptions of the authorities itself and also because of controversial matter that failed to be solved by the respected leaders. People have the biggest power, when justice fails, people will show what true justice is. Here are the top 4 worst riots occurs in 2013:

Monday, 23 December 2013


Technology and innovations have been parts of our world today. Peoples are able to explore their minds and create something that is far from imaginations. Do you ever remember about the self drying clothes in Back To the Future 2? Well, the world are starting to develops clothes that similarly replicates the imaginations created in that movie by the young talents creativity.

Aamir Patel, a brave young entrepreneur is one of them. By his knowledge and creativity, Aamir have developed a soft polyester fabric clothes that is layered with microscopic silica particles bonded towards the fibers and create a tiny barrier of air around it. Okay, so what is the purpose of that? The bonded silica particles towards the fibers would enable any water-based liquid to form into beads and slide off like a windshields thus it will never get wet or dirty. Additionally, as the clothes would never retains any moisture for the developments of bacteria, it is anti-microbial and you don't have to wash it regularly. How awesome is that right? He called this clothes as Silic shirt.


In the glamorous days of aviation, where taking a plane resemble luxury with a big seats, good meal served at actual tables and a big bathrooms that have urinals, seems to diminish in more economical and squeezed spaces to gives more accommodations towards the passengers nowadays. Airline today served such as a flying buses, bad food is served, bathrooms are gross while the seats are crammed together. But even so, we have to accept the facts that flying are becoming an important parts of life rather than an enjoying journey. With all the complaints, admits that flying today is better than before. The reasons are:


A beautiful car is car that would turn everyone heads no matter where they drift off. Well, there are 10 cars that is suggested to become among the beautiful cars of all times due to its uniqueness and the styles that makes it somewhat appealing compared to others.


A hero of South Africa and an inspiring idol to the world. He is Nelson Mandela, a fighter that fought for the right of his people and towards humanism. Here are 10 facts of the life of his legendary life:

Sunday, 22 December 2013


Recently, Apple have just release the brand new Apple Mac Pro, a super duper fast desktop that would be the number 1 wishes from santa for Christmas. The entry level model, worth $2999 (RM 9,700) gives a package of 3.7 GHz quad-core Intel Xeon E5 processor, two AMD FirePro D500 workstation GPUs (with 2GB dedicated RAM each) with 256 GB additional card flash storage. Additionally, the computer are upgradable up to 3.5GHz six-core 3.5GHz six-core processor, an extra 1GB of dedicated RAM for each graphics card, 16GB of RAM, but the same 265GB of flash storage with prices of $3999 (RM 13,000).

Saturday, 21 December 2013


PERFECT is a word that subjectively defined any behaviors or subjects that clearly met with all the expectations of each personnel. To be truth, it was easy to be a perfect persons in the eyes of your lover, your boss, your family and etc. Here is the basic 10 steps needed:

Thursday, 19 December 2013


The future mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio proven to be a leader with so many fancy friends as he add Gabriella Fialkoff to become as one of his inauguration committee.

Gabriella Fialkoff

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Ever dreamed of having a sports car that using F1 technology? Well you can try to save money to own a McLaren P1, a limited production car debuted a 2012 Paris Motor Show. Since the announcement of the sell of  this concept car in October 2013, all of the 375 productions was sold out just a months later with the prices nearly $1.5 Million per unit. Using 3.8 litre twin turbocharged V8 petrol engine, this car can deliver 727 bhp and 719 Nm at 7500 rpm.


Severed hand saved after being attached to man's ankle


For all hipsters and posers out there, be warn.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


The Plough is a restaurant in UK that serve various delicious meals and serve the best for its costumers.

Located in a quite regions of Oxfords, this restaurants become havoc with a trending issues on Twitter because of this guy.


Broken City is a 2013 film starred by Mark Wahlberg, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Russel Crowe. The synopsis of this movie is as follows:

Monday, 16 December 2013


Have you ever dreamed of to become a wizard like gandalf in LOTR or Dumbledore in Harry Porter? Well your dreams are almost became truth with TECHNOMANCER DIGITAL WIZARD HOODIE created by Thinkgeek. It gives you the feels of becoming a pathetic sorcerer by illuminate the inner areas of the hoodie where the color changes based on your gestures instead of buttons or switches to give you a feel of becoming a real wizard creating a spell using the accelerometers sleeves.


Amalfi Coast located in the southern coast of Sorrentine Peninsula in Southern Italy. It provides an extraordinary view with the jagged cliffs best observed while navigating the twists and turns at the coastal roads. It have a beach called as Positano that have been a well known stops since the Roman and even from Ancient Greeks era. Only 2 public beach that was open to public which are the Fornillo beach, quite secluded from the main roads and Spiaggia Grande as the main beach center. The fanciest hotel provided here is the expensive Hotel Santa Caterina which beneficial for romantic views to newly weds couples. The view is just awesome.


Recently , Malaysia are struck and shock by the sudden high impact floods suffered in the East Coast including Melaka and Johor. Kuantan was the most effected and the government are so closed to announce exigent as almost 90% of this city are swamped with 2 meter depth of water.

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Stuart Shorter,

 A disabled Cambridge man were known by his activism for the rights of homeless people that denouncing the plans of British Police to ban any homeless guy from the street. He is also a leading figure of campaign to release Ruth Wyner and John Brock, the Director and Day Centre Manager of Wintercomfort for the Homeless who were sentenced to jail due to some illegal drug trading activities inside their premise by the people that they are looking after.


Malaysian are known to be generous thus Im thinking to highlights some of the charity foundations and how you can help them in providing services to people. So, the first post would highlights The Children Protections Society.


Do all of you know about PERTAMA COMPLEX? Located next to SOGO?
You can find so many smart phones here that were sold in a cheap prices. But beware, dont fall to the scams of  the seller. There are some of them who would charge you for some services such as gps installations for MYR 50. for most who dont know about it would willing to pay it but come on, just search on internet and you can find so many websites that provides papago installations for free and it only take almost 10 minutes of your time.



Smart Phones are becoming the heart for every living person in earth nowadays, the trends of having a complete latest advance smart phones are ascending (except for blackberry which is dooming) and it involves the title race between IOS and Androids. The rivalry similarly replicates Oasis Vs Blur, Sex Pistol vs Sid Vicious& Nancy, Nirvana Vs Pearl Jam, and Messi Vs CR7.

Friday, 13 December 2013


The beginning of a genius is pioneering,

Is there any words with pioneering? Well, don't care cause this is my blog. Lets highlight what this page going to provide you with:

1) Review on every current situation appear in my mind.

2) Product review on everything I like.

3) Anything that I want cause this is my page.

My blogspot would used Malay and English Language but I have to admit, my english is a laughing matters. But I'm still learning and welcome any critisms either good or bad to improve my blogspot. Everyone who would like to suggests anything that I should review or add for my blogspots are welcome.

Hope together we can create something new for a better future.