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Sunday, 15 December 2013


Malaysian are known to be generous thus Im thinking to highlights some of the charity foundations and how you can help them in providing services to people. So, the first post would highlights The Children Protections Society.

An initiative by Dato' Nazir Arif that was officially launched in April 1992.

The main objectives of CPS are:
1) Provide children with safe and conducive shelter
2) Enhanced skills of social and recreational towards the kids
3) develops Emotional and physical well being of the children.
4) Re-uniting lost children with their family

The shelter provided by CPS is in PENANG and this 34 childrens aged 5 to 16 facility have been far above the capacity.

How Can You Help?
1) Volunteer
2)  Sponsor a Child
3)  Donations
4) Sponsoring activity to be held or outing

Thus, for anybody who interested to give their services towards community and for further information, dont hesitate to contact them at:

Children’s Protection Society
118-A Jalan Scotland,10450 Penang
Tel / Fax: 04-8294046

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