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Sunday, 15 December 2013


Smart Phones are becoming the heart for every living person in earth nowadays, the trends of having a complete latest advance smart phones are ascending (except for blackberry which is dooming) and it involves the title race between IOS and Androids. The rivalry similarly replicates Oasis Vs Blur, Sex Pistol vs Sid Vicious& Nancy, Nirvana Vs Pearl Jam, and Messi Vs CR7.

Yeah, it is a rivalry of similarities and commerciality. Who has the highest profits, highest fans is the winner. Ifag always growling the exclusivity of IOS towards the Apple gadgets. Bragging about the smoothness, the pioneers and the cleverness of late Steve Jobs towards this operating systems and claiming of how Android replicates their designations without approval. Im not a tech spec guys, but I have to admit, the IOS 7 are sort of beautiful and I really wish I could afford to buy an Iphone someday. They are more stable but restricted the developers potential in customizing this phone according to their creativity and needs. It is a phone for girls and veterans as it is easy to be used but hated by geeks. In short, below are pros and cons of IOS:

Pros: Stable, most apps available, beautiful screen.
Cons: A little convoluted to use (one button), glass screen EASILY breaks when dropped on hard service, no option to replace your battery on your own, not expandable, small screen, tied to iTunes.

Android Fag in the other hands  teamed up by developers and tech-savy personnel due to its potential to be customize according to needs and creativity. The google play market consists of millions apps developed to enhance the capabilities of the operating systems created using the Linux platforms. Even though IOS were claiming that Android replicates their designs, anyone would admit that Android gives a far advanced applications and capabilities compared to IOS. IOS 7 interface have been used by Androids for years since the introduction of 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich rom. Well enough said, check for the pros and cons below:

Pros: Customizable, a lot of apps, bigger screens, expandable, the best notifications, can push apps from market website to your phone, a geeks phone.
Cons Quirky and often buggy, reboot needed often, no standard among phones.  

Who's the winner? Well, choose for yourself. Im a neutral and wish I could become as one of the hipsters and choose the non-mainstreams smart phones operating systems such as Windows Phone to escape from the war of IOS and Androids. Hearing people argue about the siblings makes me sick. Blackberry? No thanks.
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