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Sunday, 15 December 2013


Stuart Shorter,

 A disabled Cambridge man were known by his activism for the rights of homeless people that denouncing the plans of British Police to ban any homeless guy from the street. He is also a leading figure of campaign to release Ruth Wyner and John Brock, the Director and Day Centre Manager of Wintercomfort for the Homeless who were sentenced to jail due to some illegal drug trading activities inside their premise by the people that they are looking after.

Stuart Shorter

Homeless himself, Stuart were known by his generosity and provides the another view of people towards the homeless. He suffered from traumatised childhood. Sexually abused by his own brother, he  decides to rebel and force his mother to put him into a Children's Home,  but caught with the madness of a pedophile babysitter, Keith Laverick. This develops the act of violence and some mental disturbance in Stuart itself and his adult life were filled with much time in prisons.

On 6th of July, 2002, Stuart Shorter was found dead after been hit by a train exactly at 11.15 p.m. There are many speculations regarding his death. The police announced that it is an accident but with history of mental illness, it is suggested that Stuart purposely walk to the train to commit suicide. He even once mention to his sister that if he ever want to commit suicide, he will make it look accidental so that the prospects of his mother losing both sons to suicide would be too much for her to bear.
Alexender Masters

 The life of Stuart were dedicated by his close friends, Alexender Masters that published a books entitled STUART: A LIFE BACKWARDS, an autobiography of the real life of Stuart exploring how the act of violence and criminal coming from. Alexender Masters, an unknown writer at that time knows Stuart as he taking parts in the Rally to free Ruth Wyner and John Brock and since then, see Stuart as an interesting subjects for his new book. Stuart never have the chance to read the books published by Alexender that won various awards including 2005 Guardian First Book Awards. There were also a TV film adapted from the books with the same title starred by a magnificent performance of Tom Hardy as Stuart and Benedict Cumberbatch as Alexender.  
        Stuart: A life Backward

The lesson learnt from the life of Stuart is how you have to get to know somebody before you can judge him. Stuart is known as a homeless and hopeless man by Alexender at first, but after some times he realise the cleverness of Stuart and his generosity. Stuart would be a different guy if he was born without his brother that causes his mental illness. Thus, give yourself opportunity to know somebody and dont judge a book by its cover.   

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