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Monday, 23 December 2013


In the glamorous days of aviation, where taking a plane resemble luxury with a big seats, good meal served at actual tables and a big bathrooms that have urinals, seems to diminish in more economical and squeezed spaces to gives more accommodations towards the passengers nowadays. Airline today served such as a flying buses, bad food is served, bathrooms are gross while the seats are crammed together. But even so, we have to accept the facts that flying are becoming an important parts of life rather than an enjoying journey. With all the complaints, admits that flying today is better than before. The reasons are:

People have more opportunity to travel as the fares are becoming more affordable nowadays rather than before. Even with the abundance of people in economy class nowadays, the fares for New York to Los Angeles in 1958 would cost about $208, which ultimately about $1,500 in today's dollar rather than only about $500 today

Actions to ensure the safety of the passengers during flights are become crucial nowadays with weapons screening and the technologies of the aeroplanes safety itself. The aeroplanes are being manufactured and modified in a way to prohibit any failure during its operations. Arnold Barnett, a professor of MIT also reveals of how 45 millions flights are needed before you are taking the one that killed you. Hijacking are even becoming rare nowadays with the implementations of law and actions to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Few decades ago, flying halfway across America needs you to have a stopover for fuel through two or more cities which of course taking more time than what it is today. Its also boosts with the developments of commercial jets that flying in faster speeds and may even reach the speed of sound someday.

More Luxurious
Yes it is. But its only if you have some cash to be invested on the best flying experience ever in a Business class. As in the introduction before, old days of aviations were only luxurious before economical class were introduced. Now, you can have even more in Business Class as you will be treated like a king and there would be a steward/stewardess that is responsible to fulfil all you needs so that all your investments would be worth it.

So, be grateful of what we have today and please shut your mouth from complaining on something that you just do not deserve to have.

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