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Monday, 23 December 2013


Technology and innovations have been parts of our world today. Peoples are able to explore their minds and create something that is far from imaginations. Do you ever remember about the self drying clothes in Back To the Future 2? Well, the world are starting to develops clothes that similarly replicates the imaginations created in that movie by the young talents creativity.

Aamir Patel, a brave young entrepreneur is one of them. By his knowledge and creativity, Aamir have developed a soft polyester fabric clothes that is layered with microscopic silica particles bonded towards the fibers and create a tiny barrier of air around it. Okay, so what is the purpose of that? The bonded silica particles towards the fibers would enable any water-based liquid to form into beads and slide off like a windshields thus it will never get wet or dirty. Additionally, as the clothes would never retains any moisture for the developments of bacteria, it is anti-microbial and you don't have to wash it regularly. How awesome is that right? He called this clothes as Silic shirt.

Aamir develops his idea on Silic after he his own experience with another hydrophobic coatings which is NewerWet who tend to change the fabric texture and always rinsed away in wash. The Silic shirts are as comfortable with any other shirts and its water repelling properties are sustained until the 80th washed before it is affected.

A one shirt of Silic would cost you about US$48 and pre-orders enables you to make a choice between the black and white Silic shirts with variance of sizes from S to XXL. It is expected that people will able to own this Silic shirts starting from May 2014.

So, if you are clumsy and lazy to wash your clothes,you can have this water coating shirts by exploring the Kickstarter.


A young entrepreneur named Aamir Patel recently developed the Silic shirt, which is made f...

Source from NextShark and gizmag

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