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Sunday, 15 December 2013


Do all of you know about PERTAMA COMPLEX? Located next to SOGO?
You can find so many smart phones here that were sold in a cheap prices. But beware, dont fall to the scams of  the seller. There are some of them who would charge you for some services such as gps installations for MYR 50. for most who dont know about it would willing to pay it but come on, just search on internet and you can find so many websites that provides papago installations for free and it only take almost 10 minutes of your time.


1) Download the papago installer that can be found here.
2) Copy the folder named NaviM11SGMY from your computer to your phones external sd card
3) Install the Papago!SGMY_Navitotal[H-S].apk  that can be found inside the folder.
4) Download the Malaysia Map here.
5) Extract the file into the folder {NaviM11SGMY=> Maps}. 


Then you have PAPAGO now inside your android. It only cost you 10 minutes instead of RM 50. Enjoy downloading and dont be stupid by wasting your RM 50 for something you can do yourself.

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