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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Severed hand saved after being attached to man's ankle

When Xiao Wei, a man from China realize that his right hand has severed, he has already lost hope due to some accident in his workplace. This accident take place in a region of Changde, located at the south-central China. Luckily his co-workers take a quick steps to unplugged the machine and retrieved his hands before taking him to the hospital. He was being transferred to another hospital 7 in a hours journey later that have the technology and skills to help in saving his hand. Even so, Xiao Wei has been thinking about the possibilities of what his life gonna be without his right hand. Miracle for him as the doctors told him that his hand can be save, but they have to grafted it to his ankle to prevent the severed hand from dying. The hand would be remain there for a month before re-attachment surgery would take place. Hope fully Xiao Wei would be able to use his right hand again. So, starts believe in miracle!!

Severed hand saved after being attached to man's ankle

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