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Monday, 16 December 2013


Recently , Malaysia are struck and shock by the sudden high impact floods suffered in the East Coast including Melaka and Johor. Kuantan was the most effected and the government are so closed to announce exigent as almost 90% of this city are swamped with 2 meter depth of water.

This disasters were also filled with some controversy regarding the ways of government handling the situations which accidentally fall on the same week with Annual UMNO assembly. There have been rumours and talks regarding how they react towards the situations and it even causes some misunderstanding and fights during the parliament sessions. Some complaint have been made claiming that the victims were not given food and the issue of Terengganu MB who ask a Gardenia bread lorry driver to distribute breads towards the trap motorists. The shelters provided were also uncomfortable and in social networks, people compared it with the shelters provided in Indonessia and Japan.

Check at the news below:

Members of Palestinian civil defense operate a boat as they evacuate people after their houses were flooded with rainwater on a stormy day in the northern Gaza Strip December 14, 2013. REUTERS-Mohammed Salem
Palestinians man a boat carrying food supplies, to be passed to people whose houses were flooded with rainwater on a stormy day, in the northern Gaza Strip December 14, 2013. REUTERS-Mohammed Salem
A member of the Palestinian civil defense paddles a boat as he evacuates a man and his children after their house was flooded with rainwater on a stormy day in the northern Gaza Strip December 14, 2013. REUTERS-Mohammed Salem

5,000 evacuees are expected due to the flood disasters that damaged home in Northen Gaza. At least one person are reported killed. Causes by 4 days of non stop heavy rains, the water rise until the depth of 2 meters and many homes can only be accessed by boats. The people of Gaza who have already suffered from shortage of electricity and lacks of civil infrastructure due to the blockade of Egyptian-Israeli to cut so called off arms flow, but also curbs imports of fuel, building, supplies and basic goods. The floods also causes the difficulty for them to find a clean water and food. All the victims were located into a temporary shelters and school. 

Summarized from report of REUTERS

The people of Gaza never complaints even though everything are so lacking there especially during this catastrophes. They even barely eat with the short supply of food and goods and their leaders have try the best to provides the best services to the civilian. They help with intentions to helps their brother and sisters instead of helping to gain popularity by calling every media they knows. So, please don't take advantages of a disasters to enhance the popularity of any political party and stop complaining but help each other with the spirits of people of GAZA.

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