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Monday, 16 December 2013


Have you ever dreamed of to become a wizard like gandalf in LOTR or Dumbledore in Harry Porter? Well your dreams are almost became truth with TECHNOMANCER DIGITAL WIZARD HOODIE created by Thinkgeek. It gives you the feels of becoming a pathetic sorcerer by illuminate the inner areas of the hoodie where the color changes based on your gestures instead of buttons or switches to give you a feel of becoming a real wizard creating a spell using the accelerometers sleeves.
9 gestures are programmed to creates different combination of light with an onboard speaker box that enables mystical sounds to be created with your spells. Dont think that this hoodie are excepted from being smelly just because Gandalf is smelly as you can wash it by remove all the electronic stuff before dump it in the washing machine. 6 batteries are needed and the prices of TECHNOMETER DIGITAL WIZARD HOODIE is around $119.99.

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