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Thursday, 26 December 2013


In this modern society, ambitions and money became a priority until people forgetting to appreciate. They would always wanted to have something more even after they have receive the rewards for their hard works before. They are forgetting about some important things that build their personality and character and becoming a victims towards the society. This is the 5 things that are precious but commonly forgotten:


Love of parents have always been an important part in anybody life since the day that you see the world. But for whatever reasons, their loves is the most easiest to forget. When we grow older we tend to have our own missions in life. A good career, a loves, kids and assets its all as distractions to remember your parents love. Be reminded of how will you be without your parents who take care of you until you old enough to lead your own path. You will never stands on the ground, on the level now without their support. It is the easiest things to forget, but your parents love is the most precious of all. Starts to contact and visit them often from now.


In reaching goals, or to pleased the higher authorities, people tend to forget about their principles. You are willing to do everything even though it is the things that you promised to never do or the things that you used to insults someone before this. In this moment, your highest priority is your job thus you are only thinking to save your ass rather than stood up and shows them what is right and wrong and you are not a doll. 


You are not giving your body a self respects enough. You are expecting someone to always respecting you but in the same time, you are doing something that just make everyone look down on you. You allowed yourself to be vulnerable and you are scared on losing some 'friends' or 'loves because of that. Trust me, people will love your more if you are being yourself. So, starts to say "NO" from now.


Stop from being a zombie in your office and start to shows your true personality. The personality you have before enrolling to be in the jail of work just to seeks so called 'future happiness'. Doing something that you really like now will always sustain your happiness rather than doing something now just because of the ideologies to have the happiness when you old.


Stop from being obsessed with your leaders and starts to evaluate them accordingly with their work. What is the point of having privileged to rule the country for 50 years if the developments are starts to declining and debts starts to haunt the people? Admire leaders with their brilliant ideas to the country and gives them a lesson when you know they sucked up. For what ever reason. Remember a country is ruled by the people, not the leaders. 

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