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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


For all hipsters and posers out there, be warn.

A research from Psychological scientists, Linda Henkel from Fairfield University revealed the tendency for people to lost almost all of their memories by frequently taking pictures to remember. This opposite effects were proven after it was being tested towards groups of students in the university museum. They was asked to take notes of certain objects by photographing or simply observing them. Surprisingly, when their memory of the objects were being tested on the next day, participants give more accurate answer in recognising the item by just observing the objects rather than whom photographed it.

This phenomenon are known as "photo taking impairment effect". In this modern day of instagrams and twitters, people tend to rely more on pictures to ensure they will remember instead of observing and reviewing the environments. They are missing what is happening right in front of them as they are mindlessly think to capture the moment. It is a facts that more sweet memories that will be remembered until the end of our time will lasts if the events was fully participated by us instead of relying on the power of technology.

Einstein once surfaced his worries in the fate of humankind if they are relying too much on the technology rather than using their mind instead. By that, for people who love 'Instagrams' and taking pictures in a scenery views to be posted on facebook, leave your camera behind to ensure that you will gain an optimum experiences in that moments. Avoids from bringing your camera everywhere and act like a 'professional cameraman' if you are not one. Seriously, the sweetest memory is an experience that happen once in your lifetime.


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